Dental Sticks for Dogs

Woolfies Dental sticks are suitable for dogs of any breed or size from 9 months and / or 2.5 Kg of weight. The Dental sticks are designed to maintain the oral health of pets, avoiding the formation of tartar and bacterial plaque. The ingredients keep your four legged friend’s teeth clean and healthy as they make a brushing effect while being bitten, in addition to reinforcing teeth and the jaws of our friends while they do what they like best – bite! The daily cleaning of the teeth of pets is fundamental to guarantee the longevity of their teeth and avoiding diseases and infections – it is recommended to give 1 piece a day. The Woolfies Dental Sticks are made with natural ingredients and very digestible. The new Woolfies range does not contain preservatives, dyes or chemical additives.
sweet potato flour, cornstarch, pregelatinized starch, pea flour, glycerin, vegetable oil, dehydrated beer yeast, calcium carbonate, dehydratedsseaweed, water
crude protein 4.78%, crude fat 0.2%, crude fiber 0.1%, crude ash 0.95%, humidity 18%

Catalog number: 2003
EAN: 8594178551058

The pack is fitted with a zip.
Storage: store in a cool and dry place.
Expiration date: see date below.
Not for human consumption!
Quality & Certification

All Woolfsnacks are certified HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 9001.

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