Exploring the Superiority of Meat as a Protein Source Compared to


Before delving into the selection of the best meat, it is crucial to comprehend why a high-meat diet is deemed optimal for dogs. Dogs have evolved over millennia on high-meat diets, and their digestive systems have adapted to extract maximum benefits from such nutrition. A key factor is the necessity for a high-protein diet, as proteins, composed of amino acids, serve as the fundamental building blocks for life. These amino acids play vital roles in energy generation, cell and muscle repair, and the synthesis of hormones and enzymes.

Meat stands out as a superior protein source compared to plants due to its generally higher levels of essential amino acids, a quality quantifiable through its ‘biological value’ (refer below). The acidic environment required by dogs’ digestive systems aids in neutralizing pathogens, facilitating the digestion of challenging substances like bone, and preventing the onset of diseases such as bladder stones and urinary tract infections. Notably, meat, especially red meat, contributes to creating a more acidic stomach, whereas plants typically have alkalizing effects.

While advocating for meat as the primary protein source, it is acknowledged that plants, seeds, grains, milk, and eggs also offer valuable nutrients. While it is possible for dogs to survive on a vegan or vegetarian diet, ensuring they receive all essential nutrients becomes more challenging.

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