WOOLF Treats – The Best Ever

Woolf Snacks are made only from the highest quality raw materials. In 2015, when we started, there were 13 kinds of Woolf Snacks on offer.

In 2016, there were already 27 products due to the great interest of our distributors. The WOOLF brand is committed to use the highest possible quality of meat, to ensure your dogs will love it.

Nowadays we offer 37 kinds of Woolf Snacks , Woolfies dental Snacks, Woolf Naturals and Botanicals, and recently a complete range of WOOLF Earth Noohide snacks, a high quality substitute without rawhide.
And… we launched a line of human grade cookies for dogs! Woolf Enjoy is a line made with the best ingredients, without added sugars or salt, gluten free, low in fat and with fresh fruits. We are and always will be dedicated to bringing you only the very best!

Woolf Snacks tries to prevent various complications. With, for example our Soft Cranberry Strips , containing 50% cranberries, or our Blueberry Strips, the King of Antioxidants, helping to reduce the formation of urinary stones and help protect against free radicals that damage cells.

We do not sell meat Snacks, we sell WOOLF. Everybody will find a choice for their pet thanks to a wide range of shapes and sizes including six kinds of meat (lamb, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish, beef). And as always with a very high meat content.

We recommend everyone to always buy the best possible products, the ones that are healthier and significantly safer and more friendly to your pets. No colourants, no preservatives, no salt etc… As we do , every day, for your best friends.

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,
Philippe D’Exelle

Hearts of Duck or Chicken with Rice

Chicken with Carrot Bites

Chicken With Blueberry Bites

Codfish Sushi

Beef Sushi with Cod

Soft Sandwich of Salmon

Salmon with Carrot Strips

Soft Blueberry Strips

Soft Strips of Duck

Soft Lamb Fillet

Soft Sandwich of Duck

Big Bone of Duck with Carrot

Small Bone of Duck and Rice

Chicken and Cod Sandwich

Soft Cranberry Strips

Chicken, Pumpkin and Oats Bone

Mini Lamb Bone

Long Lamb and Cod Sandwich

Long Duck and Cod Sandwich

Long Chicken and Cod Sandwich

Soft Duck Fillet

Chicken and Cod Sushi

Chicken and Rawhide Twister

Lamb Chunkies

Chicken Chunkies

Duck Chunkies

Chicken Jerky Bars

Chicken with Seafood

Rabbit Chunkies

Triangle of Rabbit and Cod

Triangle of Lamb and Cod

Salmon chunkies

Chicken Fillet

Long Rabbit and Cod Sandwich

Duck and Rawhide Twister

Long Beef and Cod Sandwich

Beef Chunkies

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